Quick Facts
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Lumens: 2000
Resolution: XGA
Wireless: 802.11b
Memory: CompactFlashTM
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Ultra-light mobile projector enabling PC-free presentation using built-in CF card slot and wireless presentation.

The U4-237 was selected as the easiest projector to connect wirelessly. It also garnered praise for its high quality image and full functional carrying case.     - CAD & CG magazine

PLUS keeps making projectors smaller and brighter: Delivering 2,000 lumens, the U4-237 is the brightest mobile projector weighing 3.5 pounds or less! Even though the projector is about the size of a hardcover book, it's bright enough for use in well-lit areas and large conference rooms without turning down the lights. Wireless LAN technology makes it possible to transmit images from a PC to the projector. There is no need to connect to the PC and projector with a VGA cable. Switching the connection from one PC to another is also simple.

In addition to being compact and lightweight, the U4-237 delivers world-class performance as a mobile projector, hosting a wealth of features essential for business use. Included advanced, next generation features standard: "Eco-Mode," saving you lamp hours and overall cost of ownership with only a 20% reduction in brightness; breezy set-up with automatic source select plus automatic adjustment to your computer's resolution and speed, and security features that prevent malicious use and theft.

The U4 Series is an upgrade to the U3 Series, one of the best-selling mobile projectors. The U4-237 utilizes Texas Intruments' next-generation DLP DDR chip, an updated design, improved optics, and many more improvements to every feature. Use of the new DDR dramatically improves the projector's contrast with an incredible 2000:1 ratio. Project crisp, sharp images in which black is really black, and white is really white. A rich range of gradations enables the faithful reproduction of subtle color shades, greatly enhancing the picture's quality. Also, improvements to video performance allow the projection of smooth, finely detailed images.

Key Features

  • Manual zoom lens for optical screen adjustments. Easily fit your projection to the screen.
  • Double security settings with password protection and Kensington lock port.
  • User-selectable "Eco-Mode" to help save valuable lamp life hours with only a 20% reduction in brightness.
  • High contrast ratio of 2000:1 gives clear images with same brightness. Black looks black and white looks white.
  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connection for an uncompressed digital signal and HDTV compatibility.
  • Auto-source feature automatically identifies the input as RGB or Video before projecting.
  • Auto-adjustment automatically adjusts phase, clock speed, and resolution of the RGB signal from the PC.
  • Quick-release adjustable feet.
  • Quick color adjustment easily switches to your color mode (standard, color, custom) in accordance with the image source.
  • Wireless Presentation Function
  • Built-in CompactFlash card slot, enabling PC free Presentations.
  • Improved video clarity with latest generation DLP DDR chip by Texas Instruments.
  • Support for High-Definition (720p, 1080i) broadcasts.
  • On-screen user interface features simple pull-down menus.
  • Digital keystone, zoom, smooth, mute, and freeze commands.
  • Full function credit-card wireless remote control.


Projection of image files and PowerPoint files is possible even without a PC. PC-free presentations can be made simply by inserting the CompactFlash card into the U4-237's CompactFlash slot.
Contrast Ratio:  
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An incredible Light/Dark contrast is 2000:1! Black is black, and white is white. This provides clearer images of text and fine drawings than other low-contrast projectors with the same brightness, also allowing fine gradations of expression with photographs and other images.

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DVI Interface:  

For a pure digital connection, with no signal compression, the U4-237 features the advanced Digital Visual Interface (DVI). You can also project an HDTV signal through your DVI input.
Note: Your computer must be equipped with a DVI port to use this cable with the U4-237.

Short Throw Lens:  
Project big-screen images from short distances, with a lens that allows projection of large images from a relatively short distance. Now you can give effective presentations away from the office, even when space is limited.
Digital Zoom Features:  

This function projects the point you want to emphasize most on the screen, and allows greater control with a scrolling feature while zoomed in.


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